Over the last weekend the 29th Polish Film Festival in America, world’s most extensive showcase of Polish cinema outside of Poland kicked off with a fanfare.
The Opening Night film LULLABY KILLER by veteran helmer Krzysztof Lang was enthusiastically received by the packed AMC Theatre. In attendance was the movie’s star Andrzej Chyra (Pretty Vladek), one of Poland’s most popular actors, and producers Magda Zimecka and Jacek Kulczycki. The Q&A which followed the movie continued almost till midnight.
The ”Wings” Award for achievements in the art of film beyond Poland given to artists and industry professionals of Polish descent was received by Krzysztof Zanussi, one of the biggest names in contemporary European cinema.
Among many other festival guests coming to the fest are: Jan Kidawa-Blonski (STARS), Michal Rosa (HAPPINESS OF THE WORLD), Andrzej Fidyk, Edyta Wroblewska, Monika Melen, Amelia Radecka.
The Opening Screening was preceded by a great concert of exceptionally talented 16-year old vocalist of Polish descent Kaeyra who appeared with her band. Besides her hits, the young performer movingly sang a lullaby „Oh Sleep My Baby” in Polish.
The line-up of the 29th Polish Film Festival in America includes, among many others: SPOOR by Agnieszka Holland, a Polish submission to the Academy Award in a foreign language category; AMOK by Kasia Adamik, I AM A KILLER by Maciej Pieprzyca, THE ART OF LOVING by Maria Sadowska; and documentary films COMMUNION by Anna Zamecka, FOR STANLEY BY STANLEY by Monika Melen, and Andrzej Fidyk’s classics THE PARADE and BATTU’S BIOSCOPE.
A number of special programs include a very interesting retrospective of Hollywood films by Ryszard Boleslawski, one of the most successful Polish directors in America (THE GARDEN OF ALLAH, LES MISERABLES, RASPUTIN AND THE EMPRESS).
The exhibition of fascinating photographs by Krzysztof Ptak, eminent Polish cinematographer who prematurely passed away last year, accompanies the fest in the Gallery Theatre.
The festival will conclude on Sunday, November 19th in AMC Rosemont 18 with a new blockbuster hit THE FASTEST by Lukasz Palkowski.
This year’s PFFA is dedicated to a loving memory of Zbigniew Brzezinski, great Polish American statesman and expert on foreign politics, one of the co-founders of the Society for Arts, a non-for-profit organization which runs the festival.
Local media which dedicate a lot of attention to the festival include „Chicago Reader”, „Monitor”, ABC, WBEZ (NPR), WNVR and WPNA.
The upcoming program showcases acclaimed documentaries by Andrzej Fidyk THE PARADE (probably the best film ever made on North Korea) and BATTU’S BIOSCOPE in Facets Cinematheque [BUY TICKET] with the filmmaker in attendance; already broadly awarded doc FOR STANLEY BY STANLEY by Monika Melen who will personally introduce the film in Gallery Theatre [BUY TICKET]. In AMC Rosemont 18 a number of splendid titles include I AM A KILLER by Maciej Pieprzyca [BUY TICKET]; STARS, a splendid love story in the world of big sport by Jan Kidawa-Blonski who will be present [BUY TICKET]; and incredibly sensual HAPPINESS OF THE WORLD by Michal Rosa who is also coming to Chicago, starring beautiful Karolina Gruszka („Marie Curie”) in a title role.
Tickets for all movies can be purchased HERE or by calling 773-486-9612. For additional information you can also send an e-mail to: pffamerica@pffamerica.com.

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